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To Your Health!

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The Benefits of Working with a Dietitian

by Emma Kelly

The new year means new health goals. For many people, this involves experimentation with new diets. The internet can provide a myriad of answers, and still, there is a human side to dietary advice which is largely undiscovered. When it comes to creating a sustainable, healthy, and effective diet, a dietitian is a patient’s best friend.


What is a registered dietitian?

A registered dietitian is a medical professional in food and nutrition who has met the necessary requirements for an RD credential in the field. Each state maintains their own additional qualifications for dietitians to legally practice. These typically include things like exams, certifications and in some cases, higher education such as a Master’s Degree.


What do dietitians do?

Dietitions can serve a variety of purposes. For some, dietitians are used to help advise appropriate methods for weight loss. Dietitions are not, however, only used to achieve aesthetic goals. They may also develop diets to address health-related issues and diseases. Diabetes and pre-diabetes patients are often guided to see a dietitian to develop preventative eating habits.


Who needs a dietitian?

As previously mentioned, diabetes patients are one group who may be referred to a dietitian. Other chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, arthritis, or high cholesterol may be causes to seek a dietitians advice. Though not a necessity, patients may want to meet with a dietitian before trying s new diet to learn more about their own nutritional needs and how to best support them. As well, when making a specific health goal, dietitians can provided guided dietary plans to ensure they are reached in an effective, sustainable, and healthy way.


How to find a dietitian?

While family care doctors may recommend a local dietitian when necessary, patients are able to find their own preferred professional. Patients seeking a registered professional in their area can use to search options near them. Some dietitians may specialize in certain aspects of health, so it’s always best to research their experiences and offerings ahead of time.

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Emma Kelly is a journalism and technical writing student at Penn State University. She is passionate about all things journalism and wants to use her writing to make an impact. Emma joined Today’s Patient to support their cause and make health rights and advocacy accessible to all. 

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