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Meet the Management Team

Bob Kieserman, Publisher
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Bob Kieserman is the Executive Director of The Power of the Patient Project: The National Library of Patient Rights and Advocacy, and publisher of Today's Patient. Now retired, for over 35 years, he was a professor of healthcare administration and medical ethics and a healthcare consultant. He is the author of over 300 articles and four books on managing the private healthcare practice, the patient/provider relationship, and the rights of patients. Bob is both a medical librarian and a medical sociologist and resides near Philadelphia. 

Sunshine Kern, Managing Editor

Sunshine Kern is a rising junior at Baruch College pursuing a degree in Business Communication with a specialization in Corporate Communication. Having completed coursework in creative writing, journalism, and digital media, she has developed a strong understanding of storytelling and how to tailor messaging to specific audiences. She also has minored in Psychology, further providing her with a deep understanding of human behavior, motivation, and communication. In addition to her academic experience, she has been a social media intern in the Admissions Office of Baruch College, where she has been responsible for creating content on various platforms, managing social media accounts, and promoting school events. Sunshine is an important member of our communications team.

Jessie Rubino, Managing Editor

Jessie Rubino is a junior at Baruch College in New York City. Her major is business communications with a focus on corporate communications This semester she has had the opportunity to gain experience working with social media platforms. This semester she is excited to take on the role of managing editor. She looks forward to a career in public relations after graduation. As Associate Director of Online Media Promotion, Jessie oversees our media strategy in using the major social media platforms. In her free time, she enjoys reading, exploring Central Park, and finding new coffee shops.

Meet the Editorial Team

Teri Halliwell, Senior Contributor
Teri Halliwell new photo.jpeg

Teri Halliwell earned her undergraduate degree in Journalism from The American College of Greece, and her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of San Francisco. Teri is an inventive storyteller with a passion for moving audiences to action through her writing. She is a member of the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors, and is a popular host with The Power of the Patient Project. She is also a member of the editorial staff of our online magazine, Today's Patient, where she writes insightful articles on patient-centered health and wellness.

Alexandra Nguyen
Alexandra photo.jpeg

Alexandra Nguyen is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism at Loyola Marymount University. From a young age, she has had a passion for writing, which later developed into focusing on how her words can make an impact on the world. The world of healthcare was exposed to her through her volunteer work at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Palo Alto. Working side-by-side with patients and doctors, this role gave her a glimpse into public health. Alexandra combines her passions and experiences writing for Today’s Patient to educate society on lesser-known topics, especially those affecting young adults.

Cori Ritchey
Cori Ritchie photo.jpeg

Cori Ritchey is a Washington D.C. native newly transplanted to the Boston area, expected to graduate from Emerson College in 2022 with a Masters in Journalism. In 2018, Cori graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. Through her experience working on the frontlines of health care, Cori has discovered misconceptions in health and fitness that need to be corrected. Led by a love for reading, writing, and public speaking, Cori took the leap to make a career switch into journalism in 2021 in an effort to become a health and science reporter to shed light on these issues. Cori is the Wellness Editor for Today's Patient, and also an anchor for our webcast The Monthly Dose.

Rayah Hammad, Senior Producer of Weekly Update
Rayah Hammad photo.jpeg

Rayah Hammad is a senior at William Paterson University of New Jersey majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in political science. She is currently taking graduate courses toward her professional communication master’s degree. She has completed a career certificate in applied writing and editing. Rayah is experienced in new video packages, anchoring, reporting, script writing, video production, and editing. Rayah is the senior producer and an anchor of our webcast The Monthly Dose.

Faalik Zahra, Senior Contributor
Faalik photo.jpg

Faalik Zahra studies neuroscience and journalism at the University of Cincinnati and plans on becoming a physician. She has always had a strong inclination towards writing and sharing stories which have led her to pursue a journalism degree as well as founding an online media portal, Bearcat Voice. As a Senior Contributor, Faalik combines her passion for writing and her interest in medicine to explain medical issues to patients in a way they can clearly understand.

Julianna Strano, Senior Contributor
Julianna Strano photo2.jpg

Julianna Strano is a recent graduate from The University of Arizona where she graduated with a degree in both journalism and sociology. Julianna is passionate about all topics related to health and wellness and has the goal of educating and informing others through her writing. Julianna joined the editorial staff of Today's Patient to have the opportunity to help educate others on patient rights and her many articles reflect that.

Ruby Laine, Senior Contributor
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Ruby Laine (she/her) is a current undergraduate student at The George Washington University pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Public Health. She is passionate about improving health outcomes for underserved communities, families, and children. She wishes to assist in expanding access to healthcare and promote healthy lifesyle behaviors. She has previously worked with the NYC City Council in District 2 under Carlina Rivera while being an advocate for constituents and the community. As a member of the editorial team of Today’s Patient as a Senior Contributor, Ruby focuses on reaching out to wider audiences, to spread awareness for health concerns and improve health literacy.

Emma Kelly, Senior Contributor

Emma Kelly is a journalism and technical writing student at Penn State University. She is passionate about all things journalism and wants to use her writing to make an impact. Emma joined Today’s Patient to support their cause and make health rights and advocacy accessible to all. 

Morgan Ellis, Senior Contributor
Morgan Ellis photo.jpg

Morgan Ellis is a current undergraduate student at Spelman College pursuing an English degree with the plans of becoming a physician. She is passionate about enhancing the accessibility to healthcare, through writing, research and mentoring. This led her to join Emory University’s Health Career Collaborative where she mentored high school students, who have interest in the healthcare fields, fostering their interest in medicine, science and public health. She has also contributed her talents to the MGH Youth Neurology Research Program, where she worked with cutting edge technology, through interactive learning sessions in neurology. As a Senior Contributor at Today's Patient, Morgan strives to write about medicine and medical issues to ensure that readers get factual information to help them navigate the healthcare system.

Elizabeth Linden, Senior Contributor
Elizabeth Linden photo.jpg

Elizabeth Linden is a retired special education teacher with 25 years of experience. She has a bachelor’s degree in Special Education and a master’s degree in Health Psychology. Liz has been an advocate for the educational needs of special education students throughout her career as well as an advocate for her own medical needs as a person with a rare headache disorder.  Liz is also a Senior Anchor with The Power of the Patient Project, and her interviews are featured throughout our digital library.

Miranda R. Frank, Senior Contributor

Miranda R. Frank is a junior at Florida State University studying Creative Writing with a minor in Communications. She loves writing absolutely anything and everything, from poetry to research papers. She is passionate about information accessibility, and loves any opportunity to contribute to making essential information readily available to a wider audience.

Mason La Fleur, Senior Contributor
Mason LaFleur photo.jpg

Mason La Fleur is a senior at Grand Valley State University studying Health Communications. He serves as the Event Coordinator of the GVSU Health Communication Club, is a member of GVSU Students for Choice, and the GVSU Beekeeping club. Upon graduation, he plans to pursue a Master's in Health Administration with the career goal of working in a healthcare facility. In his free time, Mason enjoys reading, working out, spending time with friends, and watching movies. Through his contributions to the magazine, Mason brings awareness to readers and helps educate patients about their rights and improve the relationships between healthcare professionals and their patients.

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